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ICOM Two Way Radio F-5061/ F-6061 VHF/UHF Land Mobile Radio w/ 512 Channel

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Timberline Radio Systems Ltd. is proud to announce ICOM's Number One, Top Selling 512 Channel Land Mobile VHF/UHF Two Way Radio. This radio is perfect for mobile users that require an exhaustive amount of frequencies and options all-in-one radio. ICOM 5061 VHF Two Way Radio With an optional Remote Head, this radio will fit anywhere in the vehicle, hidden from site, while the detached control head can sit on the front dash and be removed when the vehicle is unattended. What a great feature! With a powerful 50 WATTS RF Output and options to kill for, this value priced, top of the line rig is everything you'll need. Perfect to interface into a multi-trunked repeater system, the IDAS interface allows a multi-homed digital communications terminal in the vehicle. That's right - we're not kidding - what a great value for the Buck !

Here are just a few options you'll love!

Heavy Duty Mic
Comes standard with the heavy duty HM-148G Microphone built to Mil Spec Standard! This mic has great voice gain along with auto noise canceling for using in noisy environments. You'll be heard loud and clear!

MDC 1200 Compatible

Advanced automatic number identification (ANI), selective call (Selcall) and emergency call features are available with the built-in MDC signaling. The PTT ID function sends your unit ID number when you push (or release) the PTT button. The received ID number can be decoded to a user name using the alias table. The selcall enables you to call individual or group users as you desire. The emergency call feature allows you to send and repeat an emergency message to dispatch until the dispatch responds to it. In such a situation, the radio can transmit anything the microphone hears and the dispatcher can monitor the background sound. Radio check, status, message, radio stun, revive and call log are also available.
6.25kHz Digital mode ready

IDAS mobile and portable subscribers can support both the latest versions of PassPort™ or is backward compatible to earlier versions. Icom PassPort is a reliable alternative to add to your PassPort fleet.
Detachable front panel

With the optional remote control kit, RMK-3 and separation cable, the front panel of the radio can be detached from the main unit. It allows you flexible installation even in limited installation space. Separation cable length is selectable from 1.9m, 3.0m and 8.0m*. * 6.2ft, 9.8ft and 26.2ft respectively.

Dot matrix, multi-function LCD

With a high contrast dot matrix display, upper and lower case characters can be easily distinguished. You can change the display setting to show one line and 12 characters, or two lines and 24 characters via programming. LCD backlighting is standard.
Front mounted speaker

4 watts (typ.) front mounted speaker delivers clear and loud audio. The built-in audio compander improves the signal to noise ratio.
IP54 dust-protection and splash resistance (Controller only)

The rugged die-cast chassis and polycarbonate front panel are resistant to shock and vibration. When used with the optional separation kit, the remote control head has dust-protection and splash resistant construction, equivalent to IP54.
Wide frequency range and large channel capacity

The IC-F5061 series covers a wide frequency range in one version
(VHF 136–174 MHz, UHF 400 – 470MHz or 450–512 MHz). The 512 memory channel capacity with 128 zones allows you to divide and store a variety of flexible channel groupings.
Basic LTR®/Conventional mode operation

Group, selective, and phone calls are all available in LTR® mode. The beep on receive function informs you with a beep sound when an individual call is received
Multiple 2-Tone, 5-Tone signalings

The built-in 2-Tone and 5-Tone capabilities allows you to send a tone code with your call and decode multiple tone codes on a channel. 40 pairs of CTCSS/ DTCS memory channels are available.
Voting operation

While scanning, you can program which Tx channel you want when you press PTT button. Start channel, last detected channel, priority or a preprogrammed channel are selectable. In addition, the nuisance delete function temporary removes a busy channel from the scanning list.
Built-in inversion-type voice scrambler

The built-in inversion type voice scrambler provides secure conversation. When a more secure system is required, the 32 code non-rolling-type voice scrambler UT- 109R and 1020 code rolling type UT-110R are available as an option.

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