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ICOM F-3033 Portable VHF & UHF Waterproof Commercial Grade Two Way Radios

The ICOM F-3033 Fully Submersible VHF / UHF Two Way Handheld
Back by Popular Demand, Timberline Radio Systems is pleased to present ICOM's best, fully submersible, waterproof 3033/T Portable handheld. The IC F3033/T is ICOM's answer to the Handheld Industry. This Military Grade Handheld is cost efficient and as reliable today as it will be in ten years. ICOM Built it to last and we've put it through the test in some of the most rugged conditions yet!
Forestry Workers, Back-country workers, Truckers, Loggers, Miners and Oil Field Workers love this Heavy Duty, Indestructible Portable Handheld that comes as a complete package including a Battery Charger and a 2000Mha battery... That's good for a whole day of Talking and Working! Accessories include an External Mic, and External Power Supplies. Some guys even use them to replace their Mobile Fixed in's when they're moving from vehicle to vehicle. One of the Best buys out there! Comes complete with a battery charger and A/C wall adapter or you can opt in for some extra accessories. Available in VHF and UHF with the (optional) "Rubber Duckie" Antenna.

Main features Include

Submersible / Waterproof up to 6 Feet Underwater!
Wide frequency coverage
VHF: 136-174MHz
UHF: 400-470MHz
Wide and narrow channel spacing(25, 12.5 kHz) is programmable per channel
Compact lightweight body
IP54 dust-protection and splash resistance
128 memory channels and button control memory channel
Most popular signalings built-in
Multiple 2-Tone, Multiple 5-Tone
Lithium-ion battery standard
Alphanumeric display
TOT function and lock out penalty timer
8 DTMF autodial memories
2-step power saver
500mW loud and clear audio
Embedded ESN (Electronic serial number)

Select the F3000 for VHF or F4033 for UHF
“T” versions have 10-key pad
“S” versions have 4 buttons for simpler operation

Business to Business Commercial Sales Only

Product Sheet / User Manual

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