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RF Site Design Path Loss Profile & Heatmaps Consulting for Radio & Telecommunications

Some Information about Engineering RF Data Networks - RF Plots

Timberline Radio Systems has a specific division dedicated to RF Engineering focused on Path Loss Profile and Terrestrial Plotting of RF Energy.

These methods are used to determine how far a signal can transmit (or receive) over a given distance, using terrain models, foliage mass, and mathematical formulas for the effective radiated power of any given transceiver and antenna array.

The distance a signal will travel depends on many factors, primarily;
Frequency of Transmission
Power Level to the Antenna
Effective Radiated Gain of the Antenna Elements
Height over Ground with relation to adjacent stations
Effective Radiated Pattern of the Antenna Elements

With respect to antennas, many people don't realize the antenna is (probably) the most important part of any radio installation, as this is where the emitted radiated power takes place and is also where the effective distance is calculated from. In other words, you could have a transmitter with an input of 1000 watts, and an antenna inside a can of cooking oil (otherwise called a dummy load) and your effective radiation would be calculated in feet. If however, you connected the same transmitter to an antenna array at 40 feet in the air, the signal may be heard for several hundred or even thousand miles depending on the frequency.

When we engineer an RF Plot or calculate RF Path Loss, a computer generated image is created from a topographical map, and an overlay is created from the generated data.

Looking from the center, outward, you can see, from the model below, the most effective radiation pattern, at UHF Frequencies, over flat land with some foliage, is excellent, up to about 30 kilometers away. As the colors lighten from light to dark, (light being the most powerful) the signal becomes weaker. This is one example of RF Plotting.

Path Loss Profile RF Plot of a two Way Radio Area in UHF Frequency

This plot was taken on a project we designed for the Congo region of Africa where an environmental group would require communications in the jungle.

For more information on Path Loss Profile and RF Plot Engineering, please contact Timberline Radio Systems Ltd. at the number indicated on the bottom of this page.

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