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Site Surveys for VHF / UHF Radio Repeaters and Ground Based Communications Stations

Many aspects of setting up a radio or repeater site is the ability to conduct an onsite Radio (RF) Survey. A Radio (RF) Survey is conducted in a similar manner to that of a Land Survey, the only difference being, we use Directional Antennas instead of a Theodolite. We also use elements of Geometry, Engineering, Trigonometry, Mathematics and Physics. Using advanced signal measuring equipment an RF systems specialist measures the signals available from your repeater or base station to the surrounding areas of required communications. Measurements are taken from every angle including elevations and declination.

Using advanced signal measuring equipment such as the Anritsu line of Spectrum Analyzers, an RF systems engineer may measure the signals using directional antenna arrays, usually of commercial quality, then using triangulation data stored on our spectrum equipment, we transfer the data to our facility in Richmond, BC for detailed analysis, including heat maps.

For VHF and UHF Repeater systems, we calculate the line of sight required as well as reflection from land mass such as mountains or other forms of terrain that may have a positive or negative impact on the surrounding signal or wave propagation.

System Design
Working from a detailed site survey and computer generated model, we design systems capable of meeting your needs and long term goals.

Several factors will affect the design and cost of a successful System:
A) Signal strength available at the Point of Site
B) Square Mile Radius that requires Amplification
C) Altitude and Distance from the Signal Source

We Specialize in the Design of Two Way Radio Systems and Mountain-Top Repeaters used on Industrial Work Sites to help communicate more effectively. From Base Stations to Handhelds to Mobile Vehicles - we'll help you with understand what you require and help you get the job done.

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